Students have many opportunities to explore sustainability and the science of healthy communities and ecosystems. In Junior Kindergarten students are introduced to composting; 太阳城娱乐场 students grow edible plants in our greenhouse; the 太阳城娱乐场 Green Team takes on "green challenges" throughout the year; 高中 students design projects focused on original inquiry that tackles large ecological challenges. 

Grace strives toward less wasteful and toxic-free maintenance practices and encourages healthy food choices.

Students have unique opportunities to create paths toward sustainable living, and through a drive to learn, 实验, 和玩耍, they share new practices within the community. Each experience allows students to develop innovation, 领导, 和协作, while working toward building an ecologically sound city and world. As founding members of the Green Schools Alliance, Grace seeks to reach out to other schools and be a part of becoming a sustainable city.


  • GCS Greenhouse and Roof Garden is a laboratory for students to explore how plants and food are grown in an urban environment. 太阳城娱乐场 students use the greenhouse to grow food, from basil and thyme to potatoes and beets, for the school's lunch.

  • 塔花园are located in the 高中 and 太阳城娱乐场 science classrooms. Students can see fast growing food grow in our hydroponic towers in any season.

  • Seventh graders work for 8 weeks in a 可持续性 for Service class where they study how the media handles environmental stories and design their own service campaign to influence peers and teachers.

  • Grade 9 students take City and 可持续性. Students learn about basic concerns faced by crowded urban ecosystems, and through hands-on projects and investigations, develop local solutions and share them with their peers.

  • In junior and senior year, students take a 可持续性 201 class that takes a deep dive into one of the topics that they explored in the past. 的 Age of Plastic, 气候变化, and Environmental Sculpture are just a few of the courses available. In collaboration with the Lamont Earth Observatory of Columbia University, students can even take a class in Science and Communication that focuses on how research is used in the public sphere.

  • Middle and 高中 students are members of our 绿色团队俱乐部. Each year students have the opportunity to get involved with other New York City school leaders in the 可持续性 Through Student Voices conference.

  • Grace has been ranked among the top JK-12 schools by the EPA in our participation in the Green Power Partnership.  

  • Thanks to devoted students in the high school, our lower school roof garden now hosts a beehive! Our bee program educates lower school students about this critical but imperilled member of our ecosystem.

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