Families choose Grace Church School for its strong academic tradition and its climate of diversity, 接受和理解. 除了严谨的学术, 通过艺术进行创造性的表达, 以及对卓越运动的承诺, 学生在我们活跃的社区中成长, 至关重要的学习者. Life at Grace Church School is full of opportunities for self-exploration, 跨年龄学习, 用不同的视角看世界.



  • 书的伙伴

    太阳城娱乐场生每周给低年级学生读一次书. This time-honored program gives the younger students a chance to bond with an older student. 书的伙伴 also help their personal friend in JK and K during Holiday Shopping.
  • Cross-年级连接

    CGC is an informal weekly discussion group that allows 8-10 students in grades 5-8 to interact and learn from one another while discussing topical issues. CGC groups are led in tandem by a junior peer leader and a 太阳城娱乐场 faculty member. Students remain in the same group with the same faculty leader throughout their 4 years of 太阳城娱乐场.
  • 性别群体

    All students in grade 6-8 meet bi-weekly in single gender groups facilitated by 太阳城娱乐场 faculty.  小组讨论与性别有关的问题, 刻板印象, 做真实的自己,做出正确的决定意味着什么. 2015年,第三个组织成立, 全性别团体, where 6-8 students regardless of gender identity are welcome to drop into meetings throughout the year.  在所有性别小组会议上, students are encouraged to explore the idea of a gender spectrum, looking beyond the restrictive notion of a binary gender system. 这三个群体都是探索身份的跳板, 以及我们所有人在性别问题上面临的挑战, 媒体中的性别形象, 在线交流和健康的人际关系.
  • 高中社团

    俱乐部 in the 高中 are student-run and generated and faculty-supported. An 80 minute period is devoted to clubs 一周一次 on Lab Day; clubs can always arrange additional meetings. 目前的产品包括Improv, Writing, Photography, GirlUp!, 冒险的观众, 学生大使, 学生性别平等运动(SAGE), 《太阳城娱乐场》, 辩论 & Rhetoric, Culinary 艺术, Casino, and World Issues, 等.
  • 午餐准备 & 服务

    九年级学生参加辅导, 在轮换的基础上, in a month-long lunch preparation course with the school's chef, where they learn everything from kitchen hygiene and knife skills to proper chopping techniques and how to follow a recipe. 年级 10 students help serve lunch to their peers and faculty 在轮换的基础上.
  • 太阳城娱乐场社团

    Students in the 太阳城娱乐场 may choose from a variety of activities that meet during the school day to complement their classroom learning. 之前提供的服务包括:Photo Club, Makerspace, 辩论俱乐部, 及时事, 等.
  • 太阳城娱乐场选修课

    Elective courses are non-graded and enable students to interact across grades and build new relationships. Students choose from a long and varied list of elective courses, 参加三个学期的选修课.
  • 太阳城娱乐场同性恋-异性恋联盟

    The 太阳城娱乐场 Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) is a forum for students in 5th through 8th grades to discuss issues of gender and sexuality diversity and identity. 让我们自己与GLSEN (Gay)保持一致, 女同性恋, 和直人教育网络)课程, students lead 太阳城娱乐场-wide initiatives to bring awareness to bullying and homo/transphobia, while actively supporting the LGBTQ community to create a more inclusive school for everyone.  
  • 同行的领导

    Peer leadership is a 2-year program at Grace that begins in 11th grade and continues through the 12th grade year. Junior peer leaders lead the 5th-8th grade weekly discussion group “Cross 年级 Connection (CGC),还有一名教职员工, 一周一次, allowing students of different ages to interact and learn from one another while discussing topical issues. Juniors begin to formally explore the concept of leadership by practicing self-awareness and effective communication skills while moderating groups, 通过参加学生领导的课程.
    12年级的时候, these same peer leaders pair up to lead 9th graders by advisory independently in weekly groups, which are intended to ease the transition to high school and provide positive role models within the community. Senior peer leaders continue to follow a formal leadership course, 他们帮助创造, 在全年的实验室日.
  • 学生会

    太阳城娱乐场 学生会:  Students in fifth through eighth grade elect representatives each year who work with the Assistant Head of School to carry out food drives, 学生嘉年华, 特别活动.  每周的会议, students develop and implement community building projects and practice leadership skills.
    高中 学生会:  高中 students designed their own "Student Committee" in our inaugural high school year, 注重协作式领导.  The Committee elects officers to our Town Hall-style government each fall.  Students work to identify the needs of the high school student body, 分享服务和学校精神的机会, 组织活动, 比如跳舞, 为同学们.  They practice leadership and communication skills while discussing school issues with classmates via their own school-hosted website. 


年级  到来 解雇
JK-K 8:15 am 周一至周五下午2:40
1 8:20 am 周一至周五下午2:50
2 8:20 am 星期一至五下午三时
3-4 8:15 am 周一至周五下午3:20
5-8 8:12 am 周一至周五下午3:20
9-12 8:00 am 周一至周五下午3:20


午餐 at Fourth Avenue is family-style with a teacher at each table. Students clear the tables and help set lunch for the following shift. 在库珀广场校区, high school students enjoy a flexible cafeteria and serve lunch in their advisories 在轮换的基础上.

初级幼儿园  8年级  第四大道86号. 纽约,纽约10003 (212)475-5609 | 九至十二年级  纽约库珀广场46号,邮编10003 (212)475-5610
Grace Church School is a co-educational independent school in downtown Manhattan, New York City
providing instruction for over 700 students in 初级幼儿园 through 年级 12.